Main Features

  • Feed formulation by Trials and Errors Method
  • Formulate least cost feed formula by simplex method of linear programming
  • Enhanced view point by equation
  • Transfer requirements and ingredients data to others
  • Save formula and classified by farmer's name (or customers)
  • Export formula report to PDF format

New Features in FeedMU 2

  • Using DotNet Framework 2.0 technology
  • Full support Bilingual (Thai <==> English)
  • Open multi-formula (Tabbed User Interface)
  • Preferences
  • Show old cost, current cost, old weight, and current weight for comparison
  • New interface of expression creation and checkable created expression
  • Create a set of ingredients
  • Database check and transfer to newer version
  • Add, modify, and delete directly into grid (?)

*** Other features based on user requests.

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