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The simple feed formulation program

FeedMU (pronounce feed-mew) is a simple feed formulation program base upon Trials and Errors method and Linear Programming (simplex method) for least cost feed formula. FeedMU can be used for feed formulation as simple feed in animal farms and complex feed in feed mill. FeedMU is created for nutritionists, veterinarians, feed formulators, feed manufacturers and others involved in formulating diet for animals.

FeedMU is a Windows-based application developed using Visual Basic, a full-featured .NET application for feed formulation. FeedMU is easy to install, uncomplicated to manage, more viewpoints, dependable and comes with user’s expected features. Users can manage animal requirements, ingredients details, ingredients composition, etc., for formulating a well balanced diet.


  • Feed formulation by Trials and Errors Method
  • Formulate least cost feed formula by simplex method of linear programming
  • Enhanced view point by equation
  • Transfer requirements and ingredients data to others
  • Save formula and classified by farmer's name (or customers)
  • Export formula report to PDF format
New Features for FeedMU 2


FeedMU project will be back in the near future. There are some bugs in this version (only in English). I will not correct it because I started completely new project, FeedMU 2. Especially, I changed to use .NET Framework 2.0 and MS-SQL Server database. However, the data in the current version will be able to transform to the new version.

I must apologise for an inconvenience and hopefully that you will back to use FeedMU to formulate a well balanced diet for your animals.


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